How to mount a webcam for mobile use

how-to-mobile/1.jpg A cheap SLR camera tripod with a pan-head is used, providing easy 3-way pan control for the webcam.
how-to-mobile/2.jpg The tripod itself is not necessary, so it is removed.
how-to-mobile/3.jpg The Philips SPC900NC webcam has a ΒΌ"-20 TPI mounting hole at the bottom, matching the tripod's pan-head screw.
how-to-mobile/4.jpg Testing the mount before car installation.
how-to-mobile/5.jpg Hand made bracket to increase webcam clearence from dashboard and windshield.
how-to-mobile/6.jpg The pan-head installed.
how-to-mobile/7.jpg The webcam installed in a KIA Sportage.